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Cyborg World

FPS Game Unity




4 weeks

Team of 3

( Advised by Professor Ramsey Nassar )



Unity 3D



  • Level Design

  • Game Developing

  • User testing & Iterations


Cyborg World is a 3D maze shooting game set in the cyborg era. In 2121, almost all the humans become cyborgs, you are trapped in this world and want to escape. Under the time limitation, you have to escape from (or kills) those cyborgs and find the way out to freedom.


Cyborgs have entered in your Maze. You are trying to find the way out. You are last hope so be ready, load up your High Poly Gun and start to fight!




- By clicking key code 1 and 2, player can choose their different gun

- LeftClick – shooting / RightClick – enlarge the scene

- WASD – move

- Left Shift – sprint

- M – Map


- Add-Time

- Add-Health

- Machinegun Amm


- Shooter

- Charger



Player Instruction


Pick up the capsule to add time

Enemies: Shooter, Charger, Boss

2 (1).png
3 (1).png

User Testing

Iteration 1.0

What we found

‣  Enemy can only move towards the player and cross the wall

‣  The speed of bullet is so fast that player can hardly pass

‣  Shooting animation’s direction of enemy is wrong (can’t follow the correct target)

‣  Simple gun without recoil

‣  Direction misleading (lack of clear mapping direction)

‣  No counting time, No add time objects

‣  People are easily fail and get boring

‣  Enemy could move only if player is in the certain area

Iteration 2.0

What we found

‣Players without FPS experience are hardly control the gun shooting because of the recoil

‣Enemies are too strong (especially the “charger”)

‣The textures of floor don’t work well

‣Enemies in bonus level is so strong

‣Players are hard to find the way out Exit logo can be seen in the beginning

What we fixed

‣Create two modes for players (simple and hard)

‣Add Menu for players to choose

‣Record more voice and trigger

‣Change enemies damage output

‣Create an object, make an exit png file and build the material

Iteration 3.0

What we found

‣No clue whether the player shoots the enemies

‣Target crosshair is small

‣Wall are tall

‣Direction arrow is confusing  

‣No standout text to indicate the health and bullets

‣Add one more final level

What we fixed

‣Better crosshair

‣VFX Feedback for hitting the enemy

‣UI upgrades

‣Standout text to indicate the health and bullets

‣Final level (The BIG BOSS)

‣Add Map (Keyboard.M)

‣Better animation for the player

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